Thursday, 9 February 2012

Props and Pieces...

As I trawl through all of the gorgeous wedding blogs and websites around today, there is one thing that I can't help but notice. The beautiful details, and the unique props and pieces used in some photographs to tell a story.

Whether it be a vintage bicycle against a barn yard door, a basket of overflowing ripe apples or hand made fabric bunting... I have an obsession with it.

As a result, it seems I have now started a love affair with my local Lincraft store. Besides assisting them to double their profits this financial year, I am now able to able to design and create props to tell the stories that I want through my photographs.

Below are some examples that I wanted to share with you;

* A special mention to my crafty friend Karli, who will accept coffee and biscuits as a bribe to help me create props before an impending shoot :) *

While I can create the simple stuff (a la pinwheels + cute bunting), I call upon the experts for the real stuff. You know the bits and pieces that have taken months to source, restore and style. One of my favourite suppliers on the Tweed Coast is Little Gray Station. Judi sources everything herself, and every piece is unique and one of a kind. Check out a few pictures from a styled shoot we did together late last year.

Picnic setting styled and hired by Little Gray Station. Clothing by Scarlett's Wardrobe.

Outdoor setting and styling by Little Gray Station. Clothing by Scarlett's Wardrobe.

If it is vintage props and furniture that you are after like what Little Gray provides, you can't go past these other fantastic providers in our local area too;
Archer & Archer
Hummingbird Vintage Hire 

Worth a special mention...Another gorgeous hiring company is Pod & Pea, for all your Adelaidians out there! Although distance keeps us apart (2000kms to be exact!), I am fortunate enough to be shooting a styled Pod & Pea wedding in 2 weeks time when I fly to the culture rich capital of South Australia. Excited is an understatement! Photos will definitely follow.

And so my obsession with props, and boutique hiring and styling officially begins... stay tuned!

Friday, 3 February 2012

The first post...

You know when you get one of those ideas in your head? The one that you just can't shake no matter how much you try? You find yourself constantly daydreaming about the idea, and running through a thousand different scenarios until you can't sleep at night? Well, that is how figtree pictures was born. A tiny idea, coupled with a big passion, and lots of sleepless nights.

I am not going to sit here and tell you that I bought my first camera at the tender age of 2, and then photographed my first Royal wedding at the ripe age of 8. What I will tell you is that I have always been creative, and that I love people.

Despite no Royal weddings under my belt, I do remember when I was in primary school we had a class excursion to the Adelaide Zoo, and my mum entrusted me with the family camera. You know, one of those old wind on film cameras that you had to turn on and wait for the flash to 'warm up'. She told me to take 5 photos, and not one more, because the cost of developing the film was more expensive than my private school fees! By lunch time at the zoo I had used the entire film, and I think 23 of the 24 shots were taken on a seal that would conveniently dive under the water every time I clicked the big button. Twenty years on, all I can say is 'thaaannnk you digital!'.

In 2008 while planning my own wedding, I realised that I wanted to photograph weddings and people. What followed was a couple of years daydreaming and always looking out the car window to find that 'perfect photo spot'. It has been a steep learning curve for me, and I have already been able to work with some very talented suppliers and learn from some of the best wedding photographers in the industry.

I am so excited to bring you figtree pictures. A boutique service, that is not just about taking photos, but about the people who are getting their photos taken.

I will post a bunch of stuff in here as the days go on. I can't wait to share this with you all.

Kristy xo